Inspro - a free-to-use Instagram bot for Android

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users. These numbers clearly make Instagram a fertile ground for anyone considering growing their business or becoming more popular on the internet. One of the ways to grow your business or personal profile on Instagram is through getting more followers and likes.

Trying to manually grow your Instagram is an option, but it will likely take you a couple of months or even years to get just 1000 followers. So, how do you speed up this process? If you want to gain followers and likes on your Instagram, Inspro will help you get there faster. All you have to do is integrate your account with Inspro and watch your Instagram followers and engagement increase effortlessly.

Whether you want to get free Instagram followers or more likes and comments on your posts, Inspro will automate all the tasks required to grow your following and engagement. The most important thing is Inspro does all this without violating Instagram's term of service.

What is Inspro, and how does it work?

Inspro is a mobile application that is currently available for Android (version 7.0 and above). Its primary purpose is to help users get more followers, likes, views, and comments on Instagram without putting in a lot of time. Inspro will automate the tasks that would otherwise take you hours every day if you do them manually.

We all know Instagram's algorithm favors users that are regularly active on the platform. So, if you want to get more followers and likes, you will have to follow more people, post frequently, and engage with other people's posts every day. Doing this manually can be very time-consuming and requires the discipline of being consistent. This is not practical for most people.

Inspro will save you all that hustle by automatically doing all these tasks for you and in a much smarter way. Inspro keeps getting smarter by constantly learning the actions that Instagram's algorithm favors and executing them 24/7, which obviously makes it more productive than any human who spends hours every day trying to grow their Instagram following and engagement manually.

In order to stay within the user terms and conditions of Instagram, Inspro does a specific number of actions in a day. However, if you subscribe to the premium packages, you will have the option to increase the number beyond our default settings. This option is only recommended for experienced Instagram marketers that have a good understanding of how this platform works.

Top features

Automated actions

Inspro has a wide range of automated actions that it will do on your behalf once you integrate it into your account. Some of the popular actions that Inspro will execute on your behalf include;
• Auto Like: This enables your account to like several posts each day based on your advanced targeting settings.
• Auto Follow: Inspro will automatically follow several Instagram accounts that match the target audience selected. This is one of the ways you will quickly get follow backs, so ensure to enable it if you want to get more followers.
• Auto Like Comment: This feature triggers likes for all comments on your Instagram posts and stories.
• Auto Unfollow: If one of the accounts you followed doesn't meet specific criteria, Inspro will automatically help you unfollow it.
• Auto Watch Story: This feature enables watching all or a given number of stories for the Instagram accounts you follow.
• Auto Like Reaction

Inspro is like your virtual assistant that does all the engagement work on your behalf. The good news is that you have the choice to select which actions you want Inspro to do on your behalf. For instance, if your account is new, you may choose to deactivate the "auto unfollow" option so that no account you follow gets unfollowed after a couple of days.

Advanced targeting

Inspro will not just follow random accounts or comment on every post it finds on your timeline because this is not the best solution for sustainably growing your audience on Instagram. The advanced targeting feature helps you target the ideal audience you would wish your account to be associated with.

With this feature, you can decide which tags and account types that you would like to target. You can also use Inspro's advanced AI algorithm to help you filter and choose the most relevant audience for your account. Engaging and following the most relevant accounts is the most tested way for turning your followers into fans or paying customers.

Real organic growth

Inspro is not the app you will install to get fake followers; its role is to automate the daily tasks that would have taken you a couple of hours to do if you chose to do them manually. With this kind of strategy, you should only expect to get real followers that you can easily turn into paying customers if you are running a business account.

One of the major benefits of getting organic followers is they will always engage with your content, which leads to more reach and following. That is why having 10,000 real followers is way better than having 30,000 fake followers. This is because Instagram's algorithm favors posts that get more engagement and not accounts with more followers.

Privacy is at the core of Inspro

All the actions that Inspro does are done without transferring any of your user information to us. Your profile and all the analytics information regarding the performance of your account are all between you and your account; none of this info is sent to us. Inspro also adheres to Instagram's rules and terms of service to eliminate chances of having your account restricted or closed because of violating any of the platform's user policies.

Schedule actions

This feature lets you choose when you want Inspro to execute specific actions and when you don't want it to. You make these choices based on when your target audience is online and when it's not. While scheduling, we recommend not scheduling for two or more days in a row because it may trigger Instagram's algorithm to flag your account.


Inspro has one free and two paid packages that you can choose from based on the features you want to have access to. The free version has limited features and is ideal for individuals who want to automate only a few tasks. However, if you want to get more advanced features, you will have to subscribe to the Pro ($12/month) or Gold ($8/month) packages.

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If you have specific needs that are not part of the above packages, you cancontact usfor a custom quote.

How to install Inspro

Installing this application is straightforward. But before you get started, make sure your device is running Android 7 or newer. Otherwise, you will not be able to install the application. To check the Android version of your device, open your setting apps, tap About Phone or About Device, and then select software information. After confirming that your device has Android 7 or newer, follow the following steps to install Inspro;

Step #1: Download the apk file

This application is currently not available in PlayStore, so you can only get it by downloading the application's Apk file from our downloads page. When you get to the downloads page, you will find two options; the free and premium versions of the app. Simply click any of the two options, and the app will be saved to your device.

Step #2: Open file

You can either open the app right from your browser's download section or use any file manager application on your device. In the file manager app, your apk will be in the Downloads folder by default. Simply click it to start the installation process.

Step #3: Grant permission

Since this application is not from Google Play Store, you will need to first grant it permission before it gets installed on your device. After opening the app, a screen will pop up, prompting you to give the application permission. When this option pops up, simply select the option of allowing the installation of apps from non-authorized sources.

If you had installed any apk on your device before, you will likely not be asked to grant permission again since you already did this while installing the previous app. After granting permission to Inspro, you will automatically be taken back to the installation screen to complete the process.

How to use Inspro

After installing the Inspro, follow the following procedures to get started with the app.

Step #1: Log into your Instagram account

Open the app and select the "Add Profile" option located towards the bottom of the app's home page. You will then be required to log in using your Instagram credentials (username and password). Please note, if you don't have an Instagram account, you will have first to download the Instagram app and create the account.

If you downloaded the free-version apk, you will only be allowed to add one profile. Users that subscribe to the Pro and Gold packages will have the option of adding up to 5 profiles.

Step #2: Choose an audience

Before going any further, you will be required to select your audience using related hashtags and similar profiles. So, Instagram users that follow the hashtags and profiles you added are the only ones that Inspro will follow and engage with. For the best results, you should do some homework to determine the hashtags and profiles to add in this section. The good news is you can always change these parameters at any time you wish to

Step #3: Select actions

After you have selected your target audience, the next step is choosing which actions to get started with. The actions available in the current version of Inspro include; auto like auto-follow, auto unfollow, auto like comment, Auto Watch Story, and Auto Live Reaction. You can choose one or a combination of these actions by sliding the toggle menu located at the right of each option.

Please note; the number of actions you can automate depends on the kind of account you have. If you don't want to be limited in the number of actions you can automate, upgrade to the premium packages.

Step #4: Filter and schedule

The filter options allow you to blacklist users that follow specific profiles to help Inspro target the best possible audience that suits your needs. For instance, if you are selling Barcelona Jerseys, it would make sense to filter out users that follow Real Madrid because they will less likely engage with your account even if they become followers.

With scheduling, you can choose the days and hours you want Inspro to be in action. For the best results, the hours and days you choose should be based on research. While choosing days, it is best not to choose two or consecutive days to avoid getting issues with Instagram because of taking too many actions within a few days.

Step #5: View events in real-time

You will also get notifications for new followers, comments, likes, and reactions with Inspro. To view these details, simply click the "events" button at the bottom of your app. These events are arranged in order of time, with the most recent ones being at the top.

Step #6: View stats and analytics

You can view the summary of all actions that Inspro has taken after a certain period by clicking the stats menu in your app. Under this section, the details you will find include the total number of actions taken within a certain period. You will also view the number of individual actions and their percentage in relation to the total actions.

Inspro will also show you the hashtags and profiles that have generated the most actions. You can later use this data to determine whether you need to make some changes regarding the hashtags and profiles you chose while targeting.